Nanao Sakaki support plan

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Some details from Gary Snyder:

Sent: Friday, December 29, 2006 8:28 PM
Subject: Nanao Support Plan

Dear Friends, This is another step in regard to Nanao Sakaki and his elder-problems.
Bob Rosenthal of the Committee on Poetry non-profit org which was set up years back by Allen Ginsberg says, yes they can still umbrella some $ for Nanao. I just made a modest contribution, by check, to apply to this year 2006.

People should be told:
“Contributions should be written and sent to Committee On Poetry, Inc , PO Box 582, Stuyvesant Station NYC NY 10009.
Mention, or note on check that it is for the Nanao Sakaki fund. “

Bob says, “Remember we need donors’ full addresses.” – It is a 501.c.3, and contributions are tax deductible. (TR. I assume this is US only)

This will not be a one-time push because what we are aiming for is a steady enough flow of funds to guarantee maybe as much as $30,000 a year to enable the caretakers in Japan to place him in a suitable Elder-Home which would not be free – would cost at least this much. Reports on this aspect will come later.

Meanwhile, let me know whoever else you think of who might want to be an occasional supporter of Nanao and send their e/ address or postal. Gary Lawless of Gulf of Maine Books, and publisher of some of Nanao’s works in America, has said he’d work on getting a real appeal going from his place too. We’re just getting started with this.

yoi otoshi wo… great new year coming… and best to all,

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