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Chain Of Title, by David Dayen The New Press

Gangster Warlords, by Ioan Grillo Bloomsbury

Amberianum, by Charles Bernstein… 66 copies made by No Press, Alberta, Canada.

Against Value In The Arts And Education, edited by Sam Ladkin, Robert McKay and Emile Bojesen Rowman

Near Miss Hit Me, by Buck Downs information from 18113 Burke Street,SE, DC 20003

Hieronymous Bosch, The Complete Works, by Stefan Fischer Taschen

No Art; Poems, by Ben Lerner Granta

Pitch Of Poetry, by Charles Bernstein University of Chicago

You Want It When?, by Buck Downs. information from 18113 Burke Street,SE, DC 20003

Short Course, by Ted Greenwald and Charles Bernstein Chax

Langue De Coton, by Michèle Cohen and Jean-François Goyet General information

Culebra, by Roberto Harrison Green Lantern

Bicycle, by Roberto Harrison Noemi Press

Le Cahier du Refuge number 250 CIPM Marseille

Sonnets (another 10) published by Face Press, Hoxton April 2016

Sonnets books 1 to 10 Printed in Cambridge, May 2016

Information about both Sonnets books should be gleaned from Ian Heames


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