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For more than forty years all our contacts with Mexico and its people have left only affection and good memories. I’ve been following the ‘drug wars” as much as is possible here though only “big news” is visible (here , here , or here for example. So this film documentary seems worth supporting.

There’s an interview with some of the people involved.


Oldish and Newish

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The Rottweiler’s Guide To The Dog Owner, by SJ Fowler, Eyewear Publishing
Mayakovsky A Biogaphy, by Bengt Jangfeldt, University of Chicago Press
After The Empire, by Emmanuel Todd, Constable,London

Rush More To Judgement

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B. B. King

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Born: September 16, 1925, Berclair, Mississippi, United States
Died: May 14, 2015, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

With Lifted Head Singing

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Off The Shelf

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A Decade in the Shithouse by Modern Toss, Modern Toss
Playtime by William Fuller, Flood Editions Chicago
Final Score by Emmett Grogan, OOP
Kill Chain by Andrew Cockburn Henry Holt & Co.


We All Scream

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If They’d Only Asked

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Under The Heel Of The Potato, Part 2

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Sourly the potato won’t hop across to Moscow to celebrate today’s Victory Parade — those Russians are so naughty (mustn’t offend the peace-loving Yankees).

70 years ago I was 6 years old and at a street party like this ( though here it is in north rather than southeast London ).
The echoes of von Braun’s last V2 rocket to hit the city six weeks previously had faded and he had another six months to wait safely and comfortably in Germany before entering the American Dream. The war in Europe was over: the Japanese surrendered after four more months; then five years later the Korean War began.

Insomnia gave me some early hours today to realise how little I know about Korea since the Japanese occupation early last century. Mixed memories of phrases and images: the 38th parallel, the Inchon landings, Pusan, M.A.S.H., the Yalu River, Pork Chop Hill, Bill Speakman V.C., the “Glorious Gloucesters”, the DMZ, Panmunjom, Hyundai, Samsung, Daewoo, the Kims. K.J.Noh’s pieces in Counterpunch started a few hares.

Semantic Warfare

Echoes of Terror

Oliver Stone at Jeju

Republic of Torture

Isang Yun: Piri for Solo Oboe (or clarinet)


Cinco de Mayo

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Greetings and good wishes to my Mexican friends in D.F and Oaxaca.



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Ben E. King

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May Day

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From left to right: Arnold Koning, Émile Bernard, Vincent Van Gogh, André Antoine, Félix Armand Jobbé-Duval, Paul Gauguin.

Paris, in the courtyard of the Auberge Blanche, December 1887. Melanotype attributed to Jules Antoine. More details,(in French)

Story of The Hurricane

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Mitchell & Webb, Armstrong & Miller, 2009
Women assembling Hawker Hurricanes, 1942


Day of Sargasso

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An email just now from René van der Voort in The Netherlands, reminded me of his old and still excellent piece on Angus MacLise: which reminded me to see what today is (see title), and then to think of putting Angus’ reading of his Universal Solar Calendar a.k.a Year here.

It lasts about 20 minutes, but I find it soothing.

Way Back

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My old friend Malcolm Hart, whose Memoirs of an Underground Filmmaker was published recently, has had the generosity to put digitised versions of some of his films/documentaries online. Among them is a cut of NO TIME: a Navajo Rodeo, a film he made with our mutual friend and my ex-partner in Goliard Press, Barry Hall, at Window Rock, Arizona, back in 1973.


Primer Soneto

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A piece by the Chilean poet Martín Gubbins.


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Some bright Spring days bring a few chili pepper sprouts this morning, and enough energy to do a little here. Thanks to those who occasionally still click by despite the long gaps between posts. I’ve been bouncing among the ologies (onc, ur, neur and dermat) but now there’s a short break before the next scans and bloodtests. The cancer has not metastasised to any major organs (hence the regular checks), I am able to eat and drink and have regained about a quarter of the 56 lbs I lost. Movement is still difficult and painful, but I can walk a little with my stick. Neurology showed nerves on my left side were irreparably damaged during the surgeries. The furthest I’ve travelled for nine months is a bus or cab ride to the various (luckily local) hospitals. Family and friends have been ace. Slowly I hope to work through the build-up of emails since last September: I’m grateful to all who wrote.


Past Reading

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For a long time after I got home from hospital and rehab I had energy for almost nothing; including reading. A few things eventually began to hold my attention. Pulling them from the shelves, these are the books, that did the job over those months. If you would like information about Face Press publications (I recommend them for content and form) I suggest you write to Ian Heames:

Rome’s Wreck, by Trevor Joyce. Cusp Books, 3020 Effie Street, Los Angeles, CA 90026
Selected Poems, by Trevor Joyce. Shearsman Books.
Early Bird, by Jean Day. O’Clock Press.
Poems Of Frank Rupture, by Peter Manson. Sancho Panza Press.
How To Laugh, by Miles Champion. Adventures in Poetry.
Je Vous Dis En Echo, by Rémi Bouthonnier. Eric Pesty Editeur (an essay on Anne-Marie Albiach)
Placeholder, by Rod Halpern. Enitharmon Press.
Inn Signs, by Jeremy Noel-Tod. Oyster Catcher Press
Empty Pockets, by Dale Herd. Coffee House Press
Memoirs Of An Underground Filmmaker, by Malcolm Hart. Barncott Press
Kew, Rhone, by Peter Blegvad. Uniformbooks.
Christian Name, by Lawrence Giffin. Ugly Duckling Presse.
Complete Catalogue Of Comedic Novelties, by Lev Rubinstein. Ugly Duckling Presse.
It Looks Like An Island But Sails Away, by Ralph Hawkins. Shearsman Books.
Evening Train, by Tom Clark. Blazevox Books.

Sotto Traccia no.1 Edizioni DoppioFondo, Milan (fugitive magazine….. 120 copies)
Seven Poems, by Ian Heames. Face Press, Oxford UK
TO, by Ian Heames. Iodine, Brighton UK
Sonnets, by Ian Heames. Face Press, Oxford UK
Ataturk. The Rebirth Of A Nation, by Patrick Kinross. Here
The Flash Effect, by Sam Koperwas. William Morrow: long out of print.
Westminster Blues, by Julian Critchley. Long out of print.
Hadji Murat, by Leo Tolstoy. Vintage Classics
Buda’s Wagon: a brief history of the car bomb, by Mike Davis. Verso Books
The Return Of Comrade Ricardo Flores Magón, by Claudio Lomnitz. MIT press.
Phantasmagoria, by Marina Warner. Oxford University Press.
We All Fall Down, by Michael Harvey. Vintage Crime.
Derelict Air: From Collected Out, by Edward Dorn. Enitharmon Press.
We Thought We Could Change The World, by Peter Brötzmann/Gérard Rouy. Wolke Verlag.
Poems, by J.H.Prynne. Bloodaxe Books.
Epigramititis, by Kent Johnson. BlazeVox.
The Undersong, by Jonty Tiplady. Face Press, Cambridge, UK
Tiny Windows, by Duncan McNaughton. Auguste Press, San Francisco.
Heraldo de Madrid (Vallejo). Ugly Duckling Presse.
Al-Dente, by J.H.Prynne. Face Press, Cambridge.
Sonnets, by ian Heames Face Press, Oxford.
Sonnets, by Ian Heames.
Sonnets, by Ian Heames.
A Little Lumpen Novelita, by Roberto Bolano. New Directions.
XIVLINERS, by Tom Raworth. Sancho Panza.
Structure from Motion, by Tom Raworth. Edge Books.
As When, by Tom Raworth. Carcanet Press.

Lo Sing

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There Will Be Spring Bonnie Prince Billy Wolfroy Goes To Town
Sweet Inspiration The Sweet Inspirations Sweet Inspirations: The Songs Of Dan Penn & Spooner Oldham
Fragilite, Op.51 No.1 Vladimir Sofronitsky Scriabin Recital
Una Furtiva Lagrima Enrico Caruso 1904
Walk Away Renee The Left Banke
Lost Mind Mose Allison Allison Wonderland Volume 1
Who Stole the Hot Sauce? Chubby Carrier & The Bayou Swamp Band Who Stole the Hot Sauce?
Civilization (Bongo, Bongo, Bongo) The Andrews Sisters/Danny Kaye Greatest Hits–The 60th Anniversary Collection
The Nearness of You Joe Albany Right Combination

Direct download: LoSing.mp3


19 Years

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Thinking this morning of Lisa: and not forgetting Malcolm X half-a-century ago on the same day.


Constant Presence

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Lisa Nichole Raworth
January 17th. 1961 (London) – February 21st 1996 (Cambridge)

Austin, Texas, 1974
You’ld be proud of Cato, here he is at 26 with Matilda

Bognor Regis, December 2014


Another One

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and a thought for two more old friends who didn’t quite make it through the year:

Jim Koller (May 30, 1936 – December 10, 2014)

Tomaž Šalamun (July 4, 1941 – December 27, 2014)


End of Year

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Good wishes for Christmas and the New Year

I emailed this out yesterday and was fascinated both by how many mails bounced back from I assume defunct addresses…. and how many names, as I scrolled the list of contacts, were of the dead. If anyone wondering why they didn’t get one, passes by here; that’s what happened. Almost three months in hospital and “rehab” has my mind elsewhere than online, particularly now we learn from the surgeons that though they eventually got all of the (much larger than they’d thought) tumour, it had metastasised. Further surgery is impossible, and chemo is too risky given my “physical condition”. Nevertheless there’s another battery of full blood tests and CT scans before Christmas… and then, I suppose, the massed ranks of oncologists in the early New Year. I’ll try to add something here when I’ve the energy.

Enjoy the break!


Last Note

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Last note. At the end of August Tom gave me access to post to this page as some of the few people who occasionally look at it had begun to write enquiring about Tom's health. It seemed a reasonable idea as both Tom and I detest Facebook and all the other “social media”. This is simply to note very briefly what has been happening. On September 1st Tom had the first high-risk surgery. The surgeon managed to cut out all (they hope) of the awkwardly-placed tumour. But further work was impossible because of two cardiac events and a massive hemorrhage. Another member of the surgical team said he'd never expected to see anything like it in his life. The wound had to be stuffed with swabs and sponges, and Tom came-to on a respirator in the Intensive Care Unit, surrounded by machines and blood transfusions, in the dark.Two days later there was more risky surgery to remove the packing and to see if other originally-intended work could be done. No. So Tom was moved between two High Dependency Units for several days. The main surgeon when he telephoned me said “You have one really tough person there.” He needed to be, as current hospital research indicates that more than 48 hours in those environments produces the equivalent of major post-traumatic-stress disorder. Tom's stomach still did not function, so he could neither eat nor drink. After twelve days with no nourishment except sips of water, a new complicated line was sewn in and he began to receive low volumes of i.v liquids and then nourishment. A contrast CT scan two days ago shows blockages, adhesions and scar tissue. So yet more surgery is indicated. Just this morning I learn that this is urgent and Tom has been put on the C list, which means any time between now and noon tomorrow. I really do not know if he has the strength for a third major surgery within two weeks. I thank good friends like Miles and Jenny for disseminating news in the middle of their own busy lives.

But Tom and I feel all is now a matter simply for family and for the friends we would normally be in touch with at such a time. As Tom cannot even read, let alone write at present, and as I have many things to deal with, I cannot envisage any further posts here. Thank you. Val



I should add to the above that Tom will have no access to any emails sent to his addresses. V



For those in London or within striking distance

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i’ve always had time for Heathcote Williams, since his book The Speakers in the early 1960s. I’ve a clear memory of a typescript both black and red ribbon used, in my hands, of his remarkable play AC/DC. Years drift and my next glimpse is of him entertaining me for hours in his room with a fine magic and conjuring display (featuring much flash-paper). He is the only fellow-worker I have been on strike with…. when we withdrew our labour from the B.B.C over their censorship of poetry. I regret I cannot be there for this.


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Piano Sonata No.3. 3rd and 4th movements Alexander Scriabin Piano Roll
Bernie’s Tune Earl Hines Trio Here Comes Earl “Fatha” Hines
Blue Lake Don Cherry Blue Lake
2003 Version – Scherzo Jaap Blonk Ursonate
Inner Cities 7-5 (for Trisha Brown) Alvin Curran Inner Cities
LBJ Orders Pants August 1964
Little Eddie Blues Robert Cage Robert Cage Can See What You’re Doing
Rhodopsin Blues Locatelli, Carriero, Grossi private recording

Direct download:dichich.mp3

On The Table

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The Servile State Hilaire Belloc Out of print.

Little White Bull John Muckle Shearsman

The General’s Son Miko Peled Just World Books

Whatnot A Talk with Philip Whalen David Meltzer The Beat Scene press

Diary Of The Dark Years 1940-1944 Jean Guéhenno, translated and annotated by David Ball OUP

XIVLiners Tom Raworth Sancho Panza Press

Life Elizabeth Arnold Flood Editions

Red Mavis Merrill Gilfillan Flood Editions

ARK Ronald Johnson Flood Editions

hoyoot, Collected Poems and Songs Tom Pickard Carcanet

Selected Essays Hilaire Belloc out of print

Weekend Wodehouse P.G.Wodehouse out of print

Death Puppet Jim Nisbet The Overlook Press

Sonnets Jim Nisbet Provendor

A series of perceptual failures and reckless reckless cutting Frances Cruk crater 29 Crater Press

Abilene! Abilene! Variorum Edition with appendices and commentary. Edward Dorn (Part 1 and Part 2) Kyle Waugh , editor CUNY Lost and Found

Tono Sarah Kelly Crater 28 Crater Press


Joseph K. Perloff M.D. December 21 1924 – August 18 2014

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I’d like to (and shall) remember Joe: a valued and dear friend; and one who saw my heart. Our sympathy and condolences to Marjorie and all their family. love, Tom & Val.

Link to UCLA Tribute

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