Saludos Amigos

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Tiny Tax

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Aldrington Basin, looking East.

May Day

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Les jours font la queue pour devenir aujourd’hui.

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Thinking of Les Coleman this morning (the title of this post is one of his aphorisms translated by Lucien Suel from the book of Les’ he published titled JE SUIS TROP VIEUX POUR MOURIR JEUNE) I remembered a couple of links from here, some years back. Here and here. The second one has a link to the Belgian press with some of the books still in print. There’s some more stuff here, and here’s a drawing from 2007 titled Shadows.

Water In The Desert

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Until now the DONATE button has been hit perhaps five times during the past decade: that it was used four times during the past twenty-four hours tells this non-believer in such coincidences to be grateful for whatever loosed the flood. Thank you.


Up & Down

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Matt Taibbi The Divide – American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap
Geoffrey Squires HAFEZ – Translation and Interpretation of the Ghazals. A major work of translation from the Persian.
Ed Dorn from The Day and Night Book Joint #6 (99 copies) Shuffaloff/Eternal Network, 11 Conrad Avenue, Toronto, ON M6G 3G4, Canada.
Pier Franco Uliana Ingens Sylva – Cansiglio dentro e ditorno. Uliana’s fragmentary thoughts and observations are as much paths and clearings in the thickets of Self as they are records of The Great Forest. His inspiration and mirror is Cansiglio, “the last Venetian wood”. Ecopoetry and psychogeography meet.


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Straight, No Chaser (take 3) Thelonius Monk & Gerry Mulligan Mulligan Meets Monk
We’re Coming For You The Last Resort This Is My England
And A Bang On The Ear The Waterboys Fisherman’s Blues
Louie, Louie Toots & The Maytals Funky Kingston
If I Should Lose You Chet Baker & Paul Bley Diane

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I would like to thank the anonymous person somewhere in the UK who sent me some money today (and it couldn’t have come at a more useful time) with a note, the gist of which was that (s)he had just bought a signed and numbered copy of my first book and “it seemed wrong that only the bookseller got paid that rather excessive sum as you are alive! Sorry Barry Hall isn’t here to share.” I am too; and whomever you may be, your generous thought and action are much appreciated.


Les Coleman

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I’m grateful if that is an apt word in this instance to Nicholas Johnson for letting me know of the death of Les Coleman more than a year ago. In the mess of life and the avoidance of The Daily Telegraph I’d missed the sad news. Here’s a link to The Telegraph’s note and if you don’t know Les’ wry, gentle but sharp work, just follow the obvious threads. I’ll miss his distinctive handwriting on the occasional envelope and the guaranteed pleasure from its contents. My condolences to his family.


Post Script

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…. to Peter Gilpin


How It Was

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I was amused by this memory of Ron Turner in a San Francisco before HiTech, not least because when I was broke there in the middle 1970s doing odd jobs like cleaning for an opera singer and being a guinea-pig for eye research, Ron gave me bridging work for some weeks packing and dispatching Last Gasp comics. He also bought me a giant burrito for lunch every day. Thanks, Ron.

Not A Bug Splat

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Bringing it home: Azadeh Akhlaghi



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Prelude for Piano (1935) Conlon Nancarrow Lost Works, Last Works
This Is England The Clash Cut The Crap
Come On Eileen Dexy’s Midnight Runners Too Rye Ay
Helicopter Of The Holy Ghost Microdisney Love Your Enemies
Down By The Sally Gardens The Waterboys Room To Roam (Collector’s Edition-Bonus Disc)
Talk to me Lee Konitz/Paul Bley/Bill Connors Pyramid
The Dark End Of The Street Percy Sledge The Percy Sledge Way
AHK Knows HD Freedom Earned African Descent
Never Get a Job The Last Resort This Is My England
Blues for Piano (1935) Conlon Nancarrow Lost Works, Last Works

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Those Bush Originals

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Some Signs of Life

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From Delete Press a pdf of Works and Days of the Fénéon Collective, by Anonyme with an afterword by Tao Lin

and a pdf of Homage to Villon by Kent Johnson, from Beard of Bees.


Three More Mornings

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Happier Times

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photo by gayle foster

It’s a year ago today that our old and dear friend Peter Gilpin died, quite suddenly, in Spain. Thinking of him, and Gayle, this morning I remembered this photo she sent of us earlier in that year, wearing the only two of those t-shirts. Atque in perpetuum, frater, ave atque vale.


Early Morning

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No longer being able to walk at my usual pace nor for long distances has been both frustrating and irritating. Yesterday I got back my bike, as we now have somewhere to store it; and this morning early (though light as the clocks have gone forward) I had my first ride for more than 18 months.

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Let Loose The Hound!

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Francis Thompson
226 Stamford Street

Police had been called earlier that morning following reports of falling bricks and dispatched engineers to make the building safe. The Independent

Richard Burton reading The Hound of Heaven


Looking Up

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Nine Plays by Will Stuart, Face Press
A.I. In Daylight by Ian Heames, Materials (Cambridge)
Marine Snow by Anonymous, Face Press
Creole Vegetarian Cookery by Kenneth Gardnier, OOP
How I Became A Painter by Trevor Winkfield in Conversation with Miles Champion Pressed Wafer
George Braque and Others: The Selected Art Writings of Trevor Winkfield (1990-2009), The Song Cave



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Andante Misurato e Tranquillo Pierre-Laurent Aimard Ligeti Edition 3
Out Among The Stars Johnny Cash Out Among The Stars
The Psychotherapist The Rubberbandits Serious About Men
Lotus blossom (Sweet Marijuana) Julia Lee Reefer Madness – a collection of vintage drug songs, 1927-1945
Saddle John Edwards Volume
Stewart Lee
We Speak Booker Little Out Front

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A Life

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In 1941 piero heliczer (then “il piccolo Pucci“) appeared in the movie Bengasi written and directed by Augusto Genina. It was awarded the Coppa Mussolini at the Venice International Festival of Cinematic Art in 1942. These are his scenes.



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Piano Etudes Book 1 – VI. Automne a Varsovie Pierre-Laurent Aimard Ligeti Edition 3
Miss Ann Eric Dolphy and Booker Little Far Cry
Big Long Sliding Thing Dinah Washington Burlesque Swing
Shave ‘em Dry – Take 2 Lucille Bogan Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 3
Don’t Come Too Soon Julia Lee & Her Boyfriends Kansas City Star
When the Master Calls the Roll Rosanne Cash The River & the Thread
Una Furtiva Lagrima Jussi Bjorling Jussi Bjorling Bästa
Sospiri, Op. 70 Sir Edward Elgar Orchestral Works

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John James

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A brief visit by the fine Welsh poet John James, three days before his 75th birthday.

His latest book, Songs in Midwinter for Franco, together with details of other Equipage books, can be got from
Equipage, c/o Rod Mengham, Jesus College, Cambridge CB5 8BL.

Still Catching Up

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I’ve liked Rebecca Solnit’s books for a long time, but her recent journalism is some of the clearest around. Here are a recent piece from the London Review of Books and one from Tom Dispatch.



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Back online, at least temporarily.

Thanks, during the silence, were due to Norma Cole and Jeremy Noel-Tod.

During those weeks two good friends died in Mexico City, a few days apart. You can look them up and I’ll link to their Guardian obituaries. I met José Emilio Pacheco in the late sixties. It was he and his wife Cristina who took us all from the railway station in DF in 1973 after a two-day ride from Nuevo Laredo to stay in the Hotel Gillow where Zapata had ridden his white horse around the balcony. Juan Gelman I met later, in China, and we spoke and corresponded in a pidgin of Spanish, English, Italian and German: communication never failed. My sympathy goes to Cristina, Laura and Cecilia, and to Mara, Nora and Maria.

A few books that were around:

Ben Katchor The Cardboard Valise Pantheon Books
Marcel Duchamp, Henri-Pierre Roché and Beatrice Wood 3 New York Dadas and The Blind Man Atlas Press
Bill Griffiths Collected Poems and Sequences (1981 – 91) Reality Street
David Boyd Haycock A Crisis of Brilliance Old Street Publishing
Jane Jacobs Cities and the Wealth of Nations OOP
F. Scott Fitzgerald Afternoon of an Author Bodley Head edition given to me 30 years ago by Asa Benveniste

and a couple I look forward to:

How I Became A Painter, interviews with Trevor Winkfield by Miles Champion, Pressed Wafer

Yellow and Blue by Thomas A Clark, Carcanet

Here are some photographs taken after the various storms.
NOTE March 10th: link now working.

And last, a few things I was listening to


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No Worries Disturbance Never Released
Chemical Intuition Steve Coleman and Five Elements Functional Arrhythmias
Uncle Sam Says Josh White Songs for Political Action – Folkmusic, Topical Songs and the American Left 1926-1953
Met By Moonlight The Apophonics On Air
Track 3 Aïcha Tachinwite unknown
Samba Dian Bintou Sidibe Bintou Sidibe
In the Pines Dave Van Ronk Down on Washington Square: The Smithsonian Folkways Collection
The Time Is Near Rosie & The Originals The Best Of

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