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Danny Snelson, with Dane Mainella and Amelia Bentley, accurately scanned (in full colour) the complete run(s) of INFOLIO and have made them available both to see and to download from Jacket2 Reissues. Thanks, too, to David Ball for lending them his collection.


Lights Out

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Richard Michael “Rik” Mayall 7 March 1958 – 9 June 2014


Common Wealth

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Love Of The Common People (Jamaican Mix) Nicky Thomas Trojan Country Reggae Box Set
Luyah! The Glorious Step Cecil Taylor Quartet Looking Ahead!
BBC Broadcast 1948 Clement Attlee
When It Was Ours Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott What Have We Become
Common People Pulp Different Class
Himno Zapatista voz Marcos y EZLN

Direct download: cw2.mp3


Local Stuff

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My friend Alan wrote that he missed quotidian pictures of Brighton & Hove. Since it was a rare sunny day and I had to get a bus to the dentist I took a few for him.



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I have two particularly clear images of 70 years ago. May 1944 was a hot drought month in London and the South East (though the weather worsened in June and continued miserable for the summer). I was almost 6, and I remember on the way to school with my mother standing in the High Street waiting to cross as tanks ground by. The road was part of Watling Street, the old route to Dover, and I assume the heavy metal was on its way to the coast; though the military buildup around Dover was a feint to mislead Rommel. The memory is sharp with the smell of warm tar and gravel, and the deep track-marks in the road surface lasted for months.

July 19th 1944 was my sixth birthday and I was at school. The air-raid warning siren sounded early and we spent most of the day in the shelter: a thick brick building in the yard, not underground, but better than nothing. The V1 (doodlebug) rocket attacks on London had started the week after D-Day. The only light was from candles and I remember holding a stump in my hand so tightly it began to melt, and to amuse myself I moulded the wax into the shape of a small mouse. That image, too, is sharp with the scent of warm wax. The street pictured in the V1 link above is two away from where we were living then.

Shelters, candle-light, the amber glow of the wireless dial, food queues, sirens, explosions: but no misery and much interest. D-Day. Introduced by Verlaine; or, rather, Verlaine through Charles Trenet.

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“Tenez, Cela Vous Servira”

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You can talk to the ear.
The input sound is processed by a computer using software that converts it to simulate nerve impulses in real time.
The speaker remains in soliloquy.
The crackling sound that is produced is used to outline absence instead of presence.

Next, Homer’s eyes? Toulouse-Lautrec’s legs lengthened?



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Recovery (Incomplete) Ulli Freer Rot Direkt
Burner On The Buff Ulli Freer Veer Books
|Inoperatives|Sychronisation|Comprehension|Co-Ordinate|Discrepancy| Ulli Freer | Juka Virtanen Rot Direkt
It’s probable that Stephen Mooney at Veer Books can advise you where the Rot Direkt books can be got. Ulli is always worth reading. You can hear Ben Watson read from Recovery (Incomplete) on Resonance Radio here.
Cuaderno de Composicíon Martin Gubbins Libros del Pez Espiral, Chile*
The Bundle: Selected Poems Steve Malmude Subpress/Goodbye
Verso Miguel Naranjo Ríos Ediciones Tácitas, Chile (ISBN 956-8268-11-1)
Líquenes Kurt Folch La Calabaza Del Diablo, Chile* (ISBN 978-956-9400-05-6)
There are some recordings of Kurt reading online.
[E][S][C][A][L][A][S] Martín Gubbins Mangos de Hacha, México
Dante’s Inferno Philip Terry Carcanet, UK A fine read: Hell as it was, is, and shall be.
Rimbaud: 10 Poems Translated by Bill Zavatsky Omerta Publications, San Francisco

*Neither website listed in these books works. It’s probable they now have a Facebook presence: but I don’t.

Enter Title Here

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+ click for booklet
This is an experiment. Clicking on the above image, or here , should open a webpage with a booklet whose pages you can turn by clicking on the top corner of each.
This might only work on a Mac, so here are links to a pdf file and an ebook also.

LATER NOTE: This is not my writing. Why there is no name on the title page (and the entry title) should be clear after reading to the end.


When Stuff Was Things

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YOU SEE WHAT I’M TRYING TO SAY – a study of Marion Brown (1967) by Henry English
original on Vimeo


Fair Isle Pull Over

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Caravan of Love The Housemartins Now That’s What I Call Quite Good
Remarks on Sky News, April 17th. 2013 Paul Heaton
Take the A Train Charles Mingus Sextet Live, Norway April 12th 1964
Acid Country Paul Heaton Acid Country
Lean On Me The Beautiful South (with Sam Cooke) Later With Jools Holland Special

Direct download: fightpath.mp3



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Thanks to Tom Clark for reminding me



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Now’s The Time Paul Bley Bebop
Suspirata D’ Amore Ion Piso Italy – Folk Songs From Naples (1990)
Uwamwesi Special Oriental Brothers Heavy On The Highlife!
Palestine Lidele Joe Feldman Various Artists – Yiddish Songs – 1911-1950 – cd III
Ligeti, Horn Trio ‘Hommage a Brahms’ (1982) – ii György Ligeti Horn Trio ‘Hommage a Brahms’ (Schulte, Purvis, Goode)
Sgt. Rock (Is Going To Help Me) XTC Black Sea
Politicians In My Eyes Death For the Whole World to See

Direct download: surface.mp3


London Poetry Festival

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Poet’s End

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photo copyright © ralph hawkins 2014

Ralph Hawkins kindly sent me this photograph just now. I particularly like the stone typo so accurately capturing the spurt of spirit that was Gregory.


Partly Political 3

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Partly Political 2

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Partly Political

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The Abuses Of Literacy

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Early Morning Rain Neil Young A Letter Home
Money Changes Everything Cyndi Lauper She’s So Unusual (A 30th Anniversary Celebration)
Watani Laysa Hakiba Palestinian Karmel Student Group
Carrettieri Benjamin Gigli Four Sicilian Miniatures
Il N’y A Pas D’Amour Heureux Georges Brassens La Mauvaise Réputation
No Pasaran Carlos Mejia Godoy Abril en Managua
Tu Vuo Fa L’Americano Sophia Loren & Paolo Bacilieri It Started In Naples
A Desalambrar Victor Jara Te Recuerdo Amanda
Reason To Believe Neil Young A Letter Home

Direct download: itzanuland.mp3

History Misheard

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Saludos Amigos

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Tiny Tax

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Aldrington Basin, looking East.

May Day

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Les jours font la queue pour devenir aujourd’hui.

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Thinking of Les Coleman this morning (the title of this post is one of his aphorisms translated by Lucien Suel from the book of Les’ he published titled JE SUIS TROP VIEUX POUR MOURIR JEUNE) I remembered a couple of links from here, some years back. Here and here. The second one has a link to the Belgian press with some of the books still in print. There’s some more stuff here, and here’s a drawing from 2007 titled Shadows.

Water In The Desert

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Until now the DONATE button has been hit perhaps five times during the past decade: that it was used four times during the past twenty-four hours tells this non-believer in such coincidences to be grateful for whatever loosed the flood. Thank you.


Up & Down

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Matt Taibbi The Divide – American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap
Geoffrey Squires HAFEZ – Translation and Interpretation of the Ghazals. A major work of translation from the Persian.
Ed Dorn from The Day and Night Book Joint #6 (99 copies) Shuffaloff/Eternal Network, 11 Conrad Avenue, Toronto, ON M6G 3G4, Canada.
Pier Franco Uliana Ingens Sylva – Cansiglio dentro e ditorno. Uliana’s fragmentary thoughts and observations are as much paths and clearings in the thickets of Self as they are records of The Great Forest. His inspiration and mirror is Cansiglio, “the last Venetian wood”. Ecopoetry and psychogeography meet.

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