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Tom Clark has been honourably illustrating the current lunacies.
Simply considering Ferguson, there’s THIS, and David Simon’s reasonable letter



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Yesterday we heard that Tom’s surgery is now scheduled for Monday September 1st. Though still more than two weeks away there is stuff to be done in the interim, drug doses to be adjusted, tests to be monitored, and a whole day (August 21st) of “pre-operation assessment” at a more distant hospital. But it is good to feel something is moving. Yesterday evening the surgeon called to ask us to a special meeting with him tomorrow, Friday, at noon at our local hospital so we hope to get some specific information and, we hope, answers to a cluster of questions. Tom continues quite frail, and although feeling generally exhausted has a very disturbed sleep pattern. He has not been able to get out much, but a few days ago our son Lloyd came by and drove us up to Ditchling Beacon the third highest spot on the South Downs. The evening was sunny and there was both a breeze and a fine view across the Weald. He finds his general clumsiness and in particular his great difficulty with typing very frustrating. Again he asks me to thank friends for their messages, both digital and real-world. This drawing by Ella in Finland and sent by her father Fergal, cheered him this morning….. especially its title Two hands fighting a thermometer. Thanks, Ella and Fergal. Love, Val



Another Morning

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“I’ll tell you what is harder than dying in Gaza by an Israeli missile deluxe. What is harder is that you get a phone call from the Israeli army telling you to evacuate your home because it will be bombed in ten minutes. Imagine; ten minutes; and your whole short history on the surface of Earth will be erased.
Gifts you received, photos of your siblings and your children (dead or alive), things that you love, your favorite chair, your books, that last poetry collection you read, a letter from your expatriate sister, reminders of the ones you loved, the smell of your bed, the jasmine tree that hangs off your western window, your daughter’s hair clip, your old clothes, your prayer rug, your wife’s gold, your savings; imagine; all this passes in front of your eyes in ten minutes, all that pain passes while you are struck by surprise.
Then you take your identification papers (passport, birth certificate, etc.) which you have ready in an old metallic candy box, and you leave your home to die a thousand times, or refuse to leave and die once.”
-Mahmoud Jouda, Gaza

“Oh rascal children of Gaza. You who constantly disturbed me with your screams under my window. You who filled every morning with rush and chaos. You who broke my vase and stole the lonely flower on my balcony. Come back, and scream as you want and break all the vases. Steal all the flowers. Come back…Just come back…”
– Khaled Juma, a Palestinian poet from Gaza

The Names of the Dead

Pulled from
Glenn Greenwald’s post today on The Intercept


Occupy less in Gaza

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The Norwegian emergency surgeon Dr Mads Gilbert on his return home to Tromsø, Norway from 15 days treating the wounded in Gaza.



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Both of us are touched and heartened by the very many messages we have received this past week from friends and acquaintances around the world — some not seen for years. To all who have thought of Tom at this difficult time, thank you. I know he would have liked to respond himself, individually, and still intends to; but apart from his poor general health, his proprioception — or at least his balance— seems affected, leading to several falls; and he has developed a weakness and numbness in his left hand which is limiting what he is able to do: he says it is like trying to type with a bunch of clumsy and insensitive sausages. We continue to wait for a date for further surgery. The surgeon took the trouble to telephone a few days ago to say he’d put Tom on the”Urgent Acute List” which he qualified with “that used to mean something”. Of course everything is now in the hands of the cupidous and moronic specimens who govern us and whose aim is to destroy the Health Service. Waiting for anything is always difficult, let alone for surgery you’ve already been told it is likely you won’t survive. But all is not gloom. We are fortunate to have friends nearby, generous with their time and help: thank you Sara, Sam, Daniel and Jenny; and some family live not too far away — last weekend our two granddaughters visited. Such visits, like your messages, brighten the days. Thank you again, Val.

Tom asked me to add this personal note: Norma thought of and sent the blue, Trevor saw it in a dream.



To Whom It May Concern

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The surgery Tom was due to undergo last Monday morning was cancelled at the last moment just before he was to be wheeled into theatre. The surgeon and anaesthetist felt the risks were too high given his current health which is very poor. He has in addition to everything else developed renal failure. The surgeon tried a different but less risky procedure on Monday afternoon which sadly was not successful: the tumour is too large and awkwardly placed. However Tom has decided to undergo the original surgery, risks notwithstanding. The surgical team has agreed and there is, in truth, no alternative. He is remarkably calm and stoical, is grateful for the many messages (to which he cannot reply at the moment), and sends love. So we must wait for another date, in theory within the next week. I will keep you up to date on any progress. Love from me too, Val



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I have some serious surgery ahead. It was to have been today, but is now to be 7am Monday. Whatever, I’ll be in hospital a while and am not sure when I’ll be active here again: though I plan to be. Until then, etc.

Just Family Stuff

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A few photographs from my birthday weekend.

Revised Version

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Goody Goody Frank Sinatra Inside Brass
Jean-Luc Godard Portland, October 1972
Vulcano Kiss Air Music for Museum
Rabbit Steve Lacy, Alvin Curran, Frederic Rzewski Threads
Blue Lou Wardell Gray Way Out Wardell
Genghis Khan Nico French TV 1979
‘Round Midnight Gene Roland w Sims, Cohn Swingin’ Friends
Goody Goody Frank Sinatra Sinatra and Swingin’ Brass
Sun Ra UCBerkeley 1971
Auld Lang Syne Joe Maini The Small Group Recordings

Direct download: aswen.mp3



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Obese Brother

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Another interesting piece by Glenn Greenwald on The Intercept. Here’s a PDF of the file. I particularly like the names chosen for the Systems — and the choice of language in the Status column of Effects Capability.


A Dol

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Pictures Of Adolf Again Bill Fay Time Of The Last Persecution
Frozen Jim O’Rourke United Red Army
I Was a Maoist Intellectual Modus Tender Pervert
Raga Lalat Michael Snow The Last LP
The Weight The Band Music From Big Pink
Scriabine – Etude Op. 42, n° 1 Nikita Magaloff Scriabine, Moussorgsky, Rachmaninov, Prokofiev & Stravinsky
Smile! No One Cares How You Feel The Gothic Archies The Tragic Treasury: Songs From A Series Of Unfortunate Events
Body and Soul Sam Most Musically Yours
Alien Britney Spears track before AutoTune

Direct download: adol.mp3

A Dog’s Life

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I prefer cats to dogs and can’t understand anyone who’d follow an animal picking up its shit (even if it warms your hands in the winter); but there are exceptions to any general dislike and Rowan was one of those few (another was Macho, Pio Fontana’s dog, long dead in the TIcino mountains). He was a rescue dog, a greyhound beaten and mistreated because he refused to race. Our daughter-in-law saved him and for more than a decade I never heard him bark — though he did kill his one deer, a sick one of the herd, so he lived a hound’s life. To save him pain he had to be put down last weekend.


More My Sort

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Here are the (a few years old) CIA Directorate of Intelligence and NSA Sigint Style Manuals.


My Sort Of Book

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A Sixteenth Century Rhyming Dictionary. You can also download it as a pdf.


Black Mountain Hand

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Strangely named criminal appears in this week’s Longmire.

NOTE July 3rd. John Latta kindly sent me this clue.


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Yesterday we had a welcome, though rare and too brief, visit from our old friend John Higgins who has lived and taught in South Africa for more than 25 years. His Raymond Williams Reader is still in print: and his recent Academic Freedom in a Democratic South Africa, published there by Wits Press will shortly be published in the US. Part of John Coetzee’s preface to that book is here.

S. Clay Wilson

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I mentioned S.Clay Wilson’s situation a couple of times back in 2009. You can catch up on the latest news from Lorraine’s post a couple of days ago. The donate button works: so why wouldn’t you?


Out Of The Blue

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J.H.Prynne, Concepts and Conception in Poetry, Critical Documents/Plantarchy
Fresh illuminations for grasshoppers. Conflates the Trinity with the centrefold and a hat-tip to Rosa Parks.

Tim Atkins, Collected Petrarch, Crater Press
Pet Rock lost its edge? More than 500pp of Petrarch could help. One of the best produced Lulu books I’ve seen.



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Conversation Max Roach And Booker Little Deeds, Not Words
Ishwar Allah-VmusiQ.Com Sujatha Mohan, Anuradha Shriram 1947 Earth
Twilight in Turkey Raymond Scott Manhattan Research, Inc.
Everybody’s Talkin’ Harry Dean Stanton Partly Fiction
It’s You Or No One Max Roach And Booker Little Deeds, Not Words
Conversation Raymond Macdonald/Marilyn Crispell Parallel Moments

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Back Then

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Autumn 1968, the University of Essex. “We” had, briefly, the reins of the University newspaper, WYVERN. In October there was an issue re-capping for new students the events of that Spring and Summer. I did this summary, with drawings by Tony Young a local Wivenhoe artist. Sloman was the Vice-Chancellor…. there are glimpses of David Triesman (now Lord Triesman and strumming Chuck Berry with Tony Blair), of Donald Davie, of many others gone into their own history. Student life. With no student debt.


Time Done 2

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Conlon O Lord

Conlon père et fils

Time Done 1

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The Central Park Five

Bruce Jackson remembers William Kunstler and the case.


In The Time It Takes

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US retail in real time


On The Table

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Tristano a novel by Nanni Balestrini Verso Books
Guarding The Air Selected Poems by Gunnar Harding, translated by Roger Greenwald Black Widow Press
No Prizes issue 3 May 2014 Edited by Ian Heames Face Press
Sonnets Anonymous Face Press


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Le Temps Fou Marion Brown Le Temps Fou
Red Alert Teenage Jesus & The Jerks No New York
Trambambula An On Bast/Maciej Fortuna Electroacoustic Transcription of Film Music by Krzysztof Penderecki
War Henry Cow In Praise of Learning
Sneaking Suspicion Wilko Johnson & Roger Daltrey Going Back Home
Trem Das Onze Adoniran Barbosa Desilusao – A Samba Collection
Agua’Ta Son Palenque Kamajanes De La Musica Palenquera
Improvisation Marion Brown Porto Novo

Direct download: upndahn.mp3


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A Harry Carney home movie from the collection of Ellingoniana at The Smithsonian. A piece on Jazz and Baseball is here.


Way Back Machine

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Hardly room to move here this week for the roosting chickens. After Danny Snelson’s work with INFOLIO, Kyle Schlesinger over at Cuneiform found a copy of the first issue of outburst, a brief small magazine I did more than half-a-century ago, and has put up a well-scanned pdf file.
+ click

For a moment I felt 22. A feeling which was somehow reinforced by an email from Stephen Rodefer enclosing a copy of this photograph I’d missed at the time. Two minutes later there was a note from Harry Hoogstraten with a link to this –

– and there’s piero filming and then Stan with his pipe. Oh brave old world that had such people in it.



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Danny Snelson, with Dane Mainella and Amelia Bentley, accurately scanned (in full colour) the complete run(s) of INFOLIO and have made them available both to see and to download from Jacket2 Reissues. Thanks, too, to David Ball for lending them his collection.

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