May 14th 1998.

Val, Cato and I would like to thank the anonymous friends in the United States, and the anonymous friends in Switzerland and Italy, for their touching concern and generosity during the past difficult months. We have managed to find a house to rent for six months, and shall be moving there this weekend. With good wishes to you all, Tom

May 22nd.

SOCIAL NOTE: When we went to pick up the cats from the animal shelter where they'd been during our homeless period, Cato was given some baskets and happily went downstairs to collect them .... as a voice boomed "Small boy coming down for the Welfare Cats!"

June 18th.

Because of continued ill-health I've had to cancel readings next week in Locarno and Pavia.

July 18th.

John and David: Good to see you both... hope the South Bank was above the tidemark.
Jim and Dara... welcome home: until fall or spring, T.

July 22nd until July 30th.

Readings in Lugano.

August 4th.

After a four hour wait in the hospital ward my blood coagulation rate was AGAIN below the safe level for the heart procedure: another month of weekly blood tests and dosage changes. Ear-ring lost and watch broken during the panic to remove all metal before the electricity that never arrived.

September 3rd.

Procedure successful on September 1st.

September 7th until September 24th.

Readings in South Africa (CapeTown and Transkei). E-mail will function.

November 11th. REMEMBRANCE Day

Thanks, Bob and Leslie, for your kindness and hospitality.


January to June: Teaching in Chicago, Columbia College.

September 24th.

Back in Cambridge after four days in Switzerland/Italy for opening of Franco Beltrametti retrospective at Museo d'Arte, Mendrisio.


February 1 - 3:-- to Genoa, then Bologna, for the funeral of Giovanni d'Agostino.

February 14 - 29:-- San Francisco,Los Angeles,San Diego

February 18th:-- Class with Leslie Scalapino at San Francisco Art Institute.

February 23rd to 27 inclusive, phone 858-488-1201

February 26th:--(afternoon) Reading with Fanny Howe at The Lab, 835 South Spring Street between 8th and 9th, Los Angeles.
February 27th:-- 4 pm, reading at The Faultline, 4th and Spruce, San Diego.

March 4:-- Bath Literary Festival

March 10 - 31:-- Denver, Chicago, NYC, Bard, Seattle, DC. (see phone numbers in strip above)

Please join us in welcoming noted English poet and artist
Tom Raworth
at an Open House on
Sunday, March 19th, 2:00 to 5:00pm

Jerry Adelmann
2150 N Cleveland Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60614

In addition to a private viewing of his most recent collages,
there will be informal readings at 3:00 and 4:30.

RSVP by March 15th
telephone 312-427-4256, extension 235,
fax 312-427-6251

April 6 - 10:-- Lausanne

May 5 - 8:-- Cork Festival

May 18 - 21:-- Locarno

PROGRAMMA festival internazionale percorsi poesia locarno 2000 - la nave dei folli 2 18 - 21 maggio gioved“ 18 maggio 21.00 Alessandro Agostinelli, poesia e Stefano Cantini, Sassofono (Italia) Alberto Rigotti, poesia (Svizzera) Pierre Thoma, po*sie sonore (Svizzera) Jiri Stivin, flauti e Ctibor Turba, diaporama (Reppublica Ceca) dalla 24.00 palco libero venerd“, 19 maggio 21.00 Gian-Luca Monnier, poesia e Miline Bertini, immagini (Svizzera) Stefan Hyner, poeta (Germania) Sabina Naef, poesia e Matthias MŸller, flauto (Svizzera) Tom Raworth, poesia (Inghilterra) dalle 24.00 palco libero sabato, 20 maggio 17.00 Salvatore Smedile, poesia e Claudio Grifalconi, ghitarra (Italia) Peo Mazzo, poesia (e musica?) (Svizzera) Christian Englert, poesia (e musica?) (Svizzera) Emilio Fantin, arte visiva e Paolo Ferrario, musica (Italia) sabato, 20 maggio 21.00 Lucas Berchtold, artificier (Svizzera) Esther Roth, musica sonora e John Gian, poesia (Svizzera e Italia) Fabrizio Scaravaggi, scrittore e (?) (Svizzera) Jim Koller, poesia (USA) dalle 24.00 palco libero domenica, 21 maggio 17.00 Will Staple, poesia (USA) Rita Degli Esposti, poesia e Franco Guntri, musica (Italia e Svizzera) Pasquale Verdiccchio, poeta e Nina Karavasiles, artista (Italia/Canada e USA) Jo‘lle L*andre, musica (Francia) e Tom Raworth, poesia (Inghilterra)
permanente: Paolo Mazzuchelli PAM, "anime" - intervento visivo (Svizzera) Claudio Tettamanti Tap, poesia visiva (Svizzera)

May 22 - 27:-- Pavia

Luned“ 22 maggio ore 21.00 DUO PER POESIA E MUSICA ... e qualche singles ... 1. Joelle L*andre (Parigi), contrabbasso & Tom Raworth, (Cambridge, UK) reading 2. John Gian (Venezia), voce & Esther Roth (Svizzera), suoni creazione per il festival 3. Emilio Fantin, video & voce recitante & Paolo Ferrario, musiche (Bologna) ÒSospetto/Fallen AngelsÓ + Rita Degli Esposti (Venezia), ÒOmaggio a Kathy AckerÓ creazione per il festival omaggio alla grande scrittrice americana scomparsa nel 1997. Rita Degli Esposti, giˆ traduttrice della Acker con ÒVacanze HaitianeÓ (Supernova edizioni), leggerˆ degli inediti tradotti per lÕoccasione + James Koller (USA), reading Pomeriggio, ore 17.00 ÒTrailersÓ videodocumenti a cura di Emilio Fantin Video che documento parte della situazione della poesia contemporanea, in particolare della prolifica scena newyorkese

June 8 to June 12:-- Porto dei Santi, Loiana/Bologna. A Happening for Tibet, Vicolo Bolognelli, Bologna, June 10th.

June 23/25 Durham for Basil Bunting Centenary. Information on http://www.dur.ac.uk/~dul0www1/buncent.htm#weekend

August 20th, early a.m. Matilda August Nichole, 7lb.15oz, born to Bruno and Belinda...

September 9/10:-- Poesie Sonore, Geneva (with Esther Roth and Joelle Leandre)

September 12:-- Compendium Books, London (with Tom Pickard)

September/October:-- San Francisco,Tucson, Denver and Chicago
September 28th 7.30pm:-- SFState Poetry Center with Bruce Ackley

November 3rd,4th,5th:-- Chicago Humanities Festival

November 7th:-- The Library, Ludington, Michigan (8.30pm)

In USA until November 14th

November 17th:-- Milan:VENERDÌ 17 NOVEMBRE ORE 18.00 Beltrametti poeta SERATA FINALE Interverranno: Stefan Hyner Giancarlo Locatelli Tom Raworth Antonio Rossi CCS Centro Culturale Svizzero Via Vecchio Politecnico 1/3 (Piazza Cavour) 20121 Milano

November 20th:-- Lodi (with Alberto Braida and Nino Locatelli)

November 22nd:-- "Landscaping the Future/Progettando il Paesaggio Futuro" published in edition of 108 signed/numbered copies by Porto dei Santi, Loiano, BO (Italian translation by Rita degli Esposti and John Gian).
Contact Porto dei Santi

In Italy until end of November

December 13th.. because of ill health (twisted pelvis, damaged right hip and thigh muscle: plus problems with aorta/circulation) Ticino visit has been postponed due to medical appointments. I have also been unable to attend regularly to mail. If allowed to travel, I now plan to go to Milan on December 18th and return on December 21st.

Performance with Nino Locatelli and Alberto Braida at Milan Polytechnic University, December 19th, 2.pm.

December 29th. Thanks to those who wrote or otherwise enquired. Milan went well, click for Milan Poster I had a morning of x-rays when I got back; results after the New Year holiday. This morning the new edition of ACE/BOLIVIA arrived:
Contact Edge Books
Good wishes for the 21st century.

January 22nd:-- Bedridden for some days.

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