In Italy until end of November

Performance with Nino Locatelli and Alberto Braida at Milan Polytechnic University, December 19th,

click for Milan Poster

December 29th:-- This morning the new edition of ACE/BOLIVIA arrived:
Contact Edge Books

Good wishes for the 21st century.

February 2nd:-- click for Venice announcement
THIS DATE is correct, not the one printed. Ciao, Gian!

February 8th:-- 5.15 p.m. Reading at Queen Mary College, Mile End, London. Room Arts 1:40

February 15th:-- Reading in Edgehill, Liverpool, UK.

February 22nd:-- Leaving for Chicago.

February 24th or 25th:-- Chicago to Cincinnati, on to Oxford, Ohio.

February 26th:-- March 2nd. Workshop at Miami University, Oxford, OH. Reading evening March 1st.

March 3rd:-- To Chicago

March 5th:-- To Denver

March 9th:-- Reading in Boulder, Colo.

March 10th:-- To Oakland

March 17th:-- Double Happiness, New York City

March 18th:-- Reading at Bridge Street Books, DC

March 22nd:-- To U.K.

April 3rd:-- Denver Airport event was another stroke.

April 7th:-- Cato picks Grand National winner for 5th consecutive year. Red Marauder at 33 to for Counting Winnings while Watching Re-run

May 2nd -- 10th in Switzerland and Italy.
May 2nd --7th Locarno
May 8th -- Salorino
May 9th to 10th -- Melzo

May 11th -- Dominique Fourcade lecture at Fitzwilliam Museum (a.m.) and reading at Trinity College (p.m).

June 11th - 20th:-- Venice.
June 13th (night) reading Guggenheim Museum.
from June 9th:-- Artists'/poets' banners (part of Biennale 2001) displayed in via Garibaldi: Click here for details.

August 17th :-- MRI brain scan, and echocardiogram.

August 20th :-- Matilda's first birthday.Click for pictures.

September 11th:-- Sympathy and courage to those friends in Manhattan and D.C.

September 20th:-- Leaving for JFK, then train to DC.

Possible mid-September to mid-October:-- D.C.,N.Y.C.,Providence, Buffalo, St.Louis. (tentative dates: DC September 23rd; Providence October 4th; NYC October 9th; Buffalo October 13th)

November 7th:-- piero heliczer's collected poems, A PURCHASE IN THE WHITE BOTANICA is out from Granary Books.

November 8:-- Benefit for Medecins sans Frontieres, 7:30pm St Paul's Church, Covent Garden, London WC2E (Covent Garden / Leicester Sq tubes)

November 21st:-- This site may not have much added to it during the next weeks as we have just found out we must move again (landlord selling house)...and that preoccupation will take its own time.

November 23/24:-- Heidelberg, with Joëlle Léandre.

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