January 25th:— Merz evening, Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

FEBRUARY:— Unable to do Merz due to illness. Home-hunting continues.


April 22:— Train to Glasgow.

April 23:— Reading in Glasgow (with Ghazi Hussein).

April 24:— Back to Cambridge.

April 25:— Flight to Milan.

April 27:— Inauguration of Fondazione Franco Beltrametti (with Stefan Hyner, Chasper Pult, Anna Ruchat, Reidar Ekner, John Gian, Jim Koller, Giancarlo Locatelli, Jean Monod) 4.30 and 6pm, via dell'Inglese 3, Riva san Vitale, Switzerland.

April 29th:— Reading in Pavia

May 2:— Back to Cambridge.

May 10:— Flight to Cork.

May 11 & 12:— Cork Poetry Festival.

May 13:— Back to Cambridge.

May 17 to June 2nd:— Two weeks in Marseille (reading, translation project, show of collages at Vielle Charité until June 29th, British poetry evening).

September 12 to September 16:— Berlin Literature Festival.

September 26th:— Reading and recording at the Baltic, Gateshead (for Alec Finlay).

Possible October/November:— Readings in Boston area / Chicago.

November 6th:— Reading in Chicago, at Dannys (with Michael Heller and Trevor Joyce).

November 20 to November 25:— In Venice.

Venice trip cancelled due to bronchitis and housing instability.

December 6th:— Reading with John James (and films by Neil Henderson and Simon Payne) at Room 411, Coslett Building, Anglia Polytechnic University, Cambridge.

December 7th:— Reading at Caius College, Cambridge with Jérôme Game and Peter Manson.


January 30th 2003:— Readings at University of California, Berkeley; in San Francisco (Sweeties); in Boise; in Boulder; in Denver (possibly also in Upper Michigan and New York State), with John Ashbery at Bard, and at the University of Pittsburgh.

February 27th:— "Collected Poems" due from Carcanet Press. Although not yet published, the book is for sale (January 11th. 2003) on their website at a discount!

February/March:— Ill (lungs again) since getting back from US trip: so behind on much correspondence, work, etc.

April 22nd. 2003:— Reading with Ron Padgett at the Voice Box, South Bank,London.

May 2003:— Visits to schools in Ticino, Switzerland and Pavia, Italy.
Italy/Switzerland trip not possible due to illness.

May 22nd. 2003:— Reading at Birkbeck College, London, (7 - 9pm) for CD recording.

June 2003:— Readings at Dublin Writers Festival (June 13th to 15th) and Cork Poetry Festival (June 20th to 23rd).

June/July 2003:— Issue 13/14 of The Gig, "Removed for Further Study" out.

July 7th. 2003:— Reading at Downing College, Cambridge, for British Council Cambridge Seminars.


Anselm's wife Jane writes: " I have an idea that during the weeks of recuperation ahead, it would be nice for Anselm to have greetings from his friends in a consistent size that he can flip through easily, rather than opening cards, etc. So I'm asking people to write, paint, collage, photo, whatever, something for Anselm on a 3"x5" card and send it to the house.".
Their address is 3336 14th Street, Boulder, Colorado 80304, USA.
Anselm is now at home and making steady progress.

September 15th: "Well, I'se walking and talking ... actually, feeling pretty good. Hope to face vast pile of undealt-with correspondence in the near future."

September 21st: "Life's not too bad at the moment -- in "rehab" now, which means putting in time with all sorts of previously un-encountered machinery ..."

September 25th: "Hello hello -- approaching "normal," if there be such a thing -- love, Anselm"

August 8th. 2003:— Reading at the Morden Tower, Newcastle, with Devin Johnston.

August 19th. All extant INFOLIOs scanned.

September 18th. 2003:— Reading at Whitechapel Art Gallery (Café, 7.pm).

September 20th. 2003:— Gus Blaisdell, philosopher, writer on art, bookseller (The Living Batch) died of a heart attack "last night right in front of the Frontier Restaurant on central a few steps from where his old book store had been. I just spoke with him on Monday about a trip he & Elizabeth were planning in the spring for Japan. He sounded good -- good spirits. Fast - what else can I say but he will leave an empty spot that only he could fill." Skip Graham wrote to me. Yes, a gap in Albuquerque and the world.

Good to see friends at the Whitechapel: Kent was in full autumn, foxes and pheasants crossing the lanes.

For anyone in Manhattan --

CUE Art Foundation
Curated by Bill Berkson
October 16 - November 22, 2003
OPENING RECEPTION October 16, 6-8 pm

CUE Art Foundation
511 West 25th Street
(between 10th & 11th Avenues)

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