Old Readings and Workshops from Spring 1998

February 3rd
12.30pm in Room 7-138, Main Campus, Grant MacEwan College, Edmonton.

February 3rd
3.30pm in Humanities Center 4-29, University of Alberta, Edmonton.

February 5th with Deanna Ferguson
7.30pm at The New Gallery, 516D 9th Avenue SW, Calgary.

February 6th with Deanna Ferguson
4pm in Social Sciences 541, The University of Calgary. (Telephone 220-6431)

February 11th with Kenneth Goldsmith
Noon, in the Bookstore, Stanford University, Palo Alto, California. (Telephone Marjorie Perloff: 650-494-2017 or English Dept: 650-723-2635)

February 13th with Paul Stojsavljevic Flores
7.30pm for SPT, New College, 777 Valencia, San Francisco, California.

February 17th with Charles Alexander
7pm at Etherton Gallery, 135 S.Sixth Ave., Tucson, Arizona. ( Telephone 520-620-1626 (Chax Press))

February 18th
2pm to 4pm at Little Chapel of All Nations, University of Arizona, Tucson. (Telephone 520-626-4444 (Writing Works Program, U of Arizona Extended University))

February 19th
8.30pm in Shambhala Hall, The Naropa Institute, Boulder, Colorado. (Telephone 449 0691 or 546 3508)

February 24th
8pm in Bachelor Hall Room 101, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. (Telephone 513-523-7117 or 513-529-4839)

March 1st with Steve Nelson-Raney
Woodland Pattern Bookstore, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Telephone 414 263 5001)

March 5th with Drew Gardner
Teachers and Writers, Union Square, NYC.

March 12th
University of Maryland

March 13th
Corcoran Gallery, Washington, DC.

March 15th with Doug Lang
Bridge Street Bookstore, Georgetown, Washington DC.

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