NOTE: Alastair Johnston at Poltroon Press has made available free downloads of two out-of-print books by Philip Whalen: Prolegomena to a Study of the Universe and Prose[out]Takes. The site also has an interesting batch of photographs from the 1970/1980s.

NOTE: for some sharp glimpses of restaurant life try WAITER RANT.

NOTE: and for some fine Irish invective Twenty Major.

NOTE: there is an excellent reading by Tom Pickard (at the University of Chicago) on Poem Present. Available to download as an mp3 audio file, or to see as a streaming (which in this case works) Quicktime Movie.

NOTE: for those who enquired about the ROCKDRILL series of CDs (Birkbeck College/Optic Nerve) I've been told they will be available online through the Carcanet Press catalogue in November. The links are up now on the individual authors' catalogue page.

NOTE: Tom Leonard's collection access to the silence is well worth getting from Etruscan Books; as is Redell Olsen's secure portable space from Reality Street Editions

NOTE: The first four CDs from STEM are out: Maggie O'Sullivan, Allen Fisher, Peter Manson and Leslie Scalapino.

NOTE: November 27th. By hand, an early copy of Bill Griffiths' The Mud Fort from SALT.

On the occasion of Mordechai Vanunu accepting an invitation to stand as
rector for Glasgow University, a public reading by Scottish writers in
support of Vanunu will take place on December 10th in Glasgow.

Venue: Oran Mor, corner of Great Western Road and Byres Road Glasgow.

Time: Friday December 10th, 7.00 pm

Alasdair Gray
James Kelman
Tom Leonard
Gerry Loose
Agnes Owens

Admission Free

Fish Drum Inc., Medicine Show Theatre,
and the WORD/PLAY series present:

Poets and writers read Whalen's work
Suzi Winson, Michael Rothenberg, Terri Carrion,
Jim Koller, Louise Landes Levi, Tom Savage, Karl Bruder, Simon Pettet

Sunday, December 12, 2004 3:00 pm

Medicine Show
549 West 52nd St. (bet. 10th & 11th), 3rd fl.
NYC 10019

$20. admission

All attendees will receive a copy of
Continuous Flame: A Tribute to Philip Whalen
photos, tributes, poems, drawings and interviews

Proceeds will go to Poets In Need, Inc. a non-profit organization
that gives Whalen grants to established poets in emergency situations.
for more information go to:

Word/Play is partially funded by the New York State Council on the Arts, a public agency

NOTE: December 13th. Landfill have just brought out their first three books: Things Settle by Leo Mellor, Twine by R.F.Langley and Seven by Daniel Kane. Small, well-designed and interesting. Worth supporting.

NOTE: December 20th. from Jennifer Heath and Jack Collom in Boulder.

A Tribute to Lucia Berlin.

Monday Dec 20th from 8-9pm (MNT time) (that's 7pm California; 3am December 21st. GMT)

88.5 FM, Boulder
1390 AM, Denver


We hope you have a moment to tune into Art Aloud on Monday evening.
We'll present a Tribute for Lucia Berlin. In the studio to reflect
and celebrate Lucia's life, and reading, will be
Jennifer Dorn, Jane Wodening, Keith Abbott, & Bobbie Louise Hawkins.

Please tune in from 8-9pm


Happy Holidays!!

NOTE: January 1st. 2005. Highly recommended. Mr.Tourette is a hero of our time. If you missed Modern Toss 1 you can get it bound in one volume with Modern Toss 2 from Amazon (that's Amazon UK..... Amazon USA seem to think Americans too sensitive to be exposed to the work)

Check the website for cartoons, badges, t-shirts.

NOTE: January 2nd. Try Burton and Jefferson on the important stuff.

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