October 16th. 2004



xiv; xviii              catacoustics (1991)


page 15                they


page 17                that morning


page 35                yes the sun i love came through


page 83               “Sweep UP!” he


page 87                This is MAINE


page 100              why four lines and a stapler?


page 115              you’re in my light


page 128              ¡Qué Bonitos Ochos Tienes!


page 130              ¡que te vaya bien!


page 159              among them


page 184              a loupe


page 214              so to speak


page 248              capsules of air beneath the city: around them cartoon cats'
                          eyes blink in the dark:
above them molecules


page 249              hung to dry.


page 272              dinner’s


page 254              blurs our picture


page 305              than a taste


page 312, 571       light in the first mood


page 331              relámpago


page 386, 565       sentenced to death  (title of sequence)


page 438              still locked in combat


page 488              sister in space   (delete "our")


page 496              reasonably  clearly mapped


page 510              the necessity of ornament


page 550              under sheet slowly  should align with the following line.


Thanks to Nate Dorward, Dave Cook, Tony Lopez, Matías Serra Bradford and Gabriela Jauregui for close reading and sharp eyes.

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